Pinterest social network maintenance

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Pinterest social network maintenance

We are pleased to inform you that now you can also contact us for the maintenance of the Pinterest social network.


As you know, this platform has long since ceased to be just a site to delight in photos, but has also become a tool that is helping millions of entrepreneurs to earn money!


For what type of business is this social network recommended?


– anyone associated with a product that can be displayed aesthetically (via photo, video):
– interior design;
– clothing design;
– florist;
– photography;
– jewelry;
– restaurants;
– bakery;
– beauty industry;
– handmade products;

And much more!


Our team will take care of the photo sessions and video recording, the selection of hashtags, the writing of publications in different languages and the advertising strategies!


What is Pinterest?


It is a social network, with the help of which users can upload images online, classify them by theme and share them with other users.


Images uploaded to Pinterest are called “pins” (from English pin – thumbtack).


This network was born in 2009 and was designed by the American businessman Ben Zilberman.


Pinterest quickly achieved remarkable popularity and in March 2012 it overtook LinkedIn in terms of traffic.


On August 16, 2011, this network was included in the list of “50 best websites of 2011” according to Time magazine. In 2016, web traffic increased by 125%.


On Pinterest it is possible:


– uploads and save images to the Boards;
– “like” other posts
– leave comments;
– share images via Facebook and Twitter;
– subscribe to other accounts.


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