SMM Promotion or “Social Media Marketing”

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SMM Promotion or “Social Media Marketing”

Social media marketing (SMM) refers to the act of marketing a company’s products and services through social networks. Today, more and more people buy or get acquainted with services on social networks.


SMM represents and manages the company’s social media strategy and develops its image. It includes an individual, social and strategic approach. Elaborate and plan an action strategy in the network.


This type of promotion can include tools such as social networks, blogs, webinars, etc.


An SMM manager in an organization fulfils the following functions:


The first task is to conduct market research. We need to know what consumers want, where they are, what networks they can be found on, what type of content they prefer and, based on the results, we will be in a position to make a strategic plan.


It is also necessary to identify which social networks and channels are suitable for promotion.


Next, it will be very important to create a content plan related to the promotion strategy.


The next task is to create original and engaging content for your clientele. In addition to starting with publications that attract the target audience and become a benefit to the company.


Finally, the statistics are consulted and the results obtained are evaluated. With the results in hand, new strategies can be developed to exploit strengths and opportunities and improve weaknesses.


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