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Pro&Pro presents a new service line to your customers: logo vectorization | Pro&Pro Production & Promotion


Pro&Pro presents a new service line to your customers: logo vectorization

Practically all companies have their own individual logo. The problem is that many times they are unable to use them because they have been wrongly designed from a raster graphic format.


Here we run into the first question: what is the difference between raster and vector graphics?


A rasterized image (raster derives from Latin and means: rake) is a set of colored dots or pixels of the same size and shape, which when viewed as a whole really resembles a rake. These pixels are so extremely small that the as a whole. The most popular formats for storing raster images are GIF, JPEG, and PNG.


If a pixel art is magnified on a computer, we will be able to see blurred edges. In addition, an image with these characteristics is almost impossible to edit.


Vector graphics (from the Latin “vector”: carrier, transporter) operates with mathematical formulas. Vectors specify the geometric layout of the points and the direction of the lines that these points connect (vectors), assigning attributes: line thickness, color. If you need to resize, the computer simply recalculates the formula and the image changes while retaining its quality.


And this is precisely the main advantage of vector graphics: it allows you to change the size as much as you want: the edges of the image will remain just as sharp.


We can help you convert your logo to vector format and take full advantage of this method.


When should you use vector graphics?


– If you have a logo in PNG, JPG format, and you need to edit it (change color, font, name, add a slogan).
– If you have a logo in poor quality or in a small size, and you need it with a better resolution for its legibility and sharpness, in a format suitable for printing.
– If you have a design / drawing of the logo on paper, and you need to draw it in vector (“transfer to a computer” for further use, on the website or in printed materials).


How we work:


1. You must send us your logo/design in the existing format by e-mail to vector@pro-pro.es and detail your need.
2. In 24 hours we will evaluate the complexity of the work and we will indicate the final price and terms.
3. After receiving a 50% down payment, we will send you the rendered logo for verification within 3 days and make any necessary adjustments (no more than 2 edits)
5. After 100% payment, we will send you a vectorized logo in all required formats (SVG, AI, EPS format).


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